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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Summer is the time for new beer. Somehow, we always end up with a few cases of the latest thing lying around. Half the time I'm not even aware of it. Case in point, Friday night. I have a table of ten women at the restaurant, ladies night out. They order Bud Light Lime, which we don't carry. I don't think anyone has ever ordered it. So one of the waitresses runs across the street and grabs a couple from the bar. No biggie. After five minutes, it is evident that 4 Bud Light Limes is not going to cut it. Not even close. But I don't have a chance to grab any more- the restaurant fills up and I get busy blending daiquiris and making mojitos.

These women are so impatient for drinks that after I have finished making thier round and have set it on a tray for their waitress, one of the women comes over and asks me if those drinks are for her table, because they really want them now. So I run across the street to get more. Grab two six packs, get all the way back, and realize that I have two six packs of Blue Light Lime.

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